Charles Brandon

First Duke of Suffolk

Charles Brandon, First Duke of Suffolk
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Charles Brandon
First Duke of Suffolk

Born c. 1484 - Died Aug 22 1545

:: HISTORIAL INFO: from the Showtime Official Tudors Site
Charles' father was William Brandon, Henry VII's standard bearer at Bosworth Field in 1485 and was reportedly killed by Richard III himself. His mother died in childbirth and, upon his grandfather's death in 1491, the orphaned boy went to the royal court. This was the custom of the time but since Brandon was not heir to an important title or great wealth, his case was decided more on sentiment. He had a claim on Henry Tudor's affections since his father had died in his service. That demonstration of loyalty at Bosworth meant a great deal to the first Tudor king. Since Charles was just two years older than Henry's first son, Prince Arthur, it is probable that they were playmates. Though seven years older than King Henry VIII, Charles shared his most prominent characteristics - natural athleticism, robust physical health (unlike the delicate Arthur), and a devotion to all sports (wrestling, hunting, tilting and jousting, etc.) During these adolescent years, the two boys laid the foundation for a lifelong friendship. Brandon was perhaps the only person in England who had successfully retained Henry VIII's affection for over 40 turbulent years.

Charles is every bit the typical bad boy and playboy with a magnetic personality and masculine, dashing, rough around the edges good looks that never fails to attract the attentions of young ladies. He is skilled between the sheets and is often seen putting these talents into action, very much not having a reputation for being faithful. He is promiscuous and often reckless and inconsistent in his behaviour, but the most prominent of his traits is his sheer and undying loyalty to King Henry. When he was seen betraying Henry's trust by marrying Henry's sister, Margaret, he is clearly humble as to his actions and soon comes to beg Henry for his forgiveness. Eventually Henry agrees to relent if Charles beats him in an arm wrestle, which he does, and they set aside differences despite Henry being aggravated that Charles beat him. It is this mateship that is the basis of their relationship, despite the heavy burden of religion and politics weighing around them that comes from being a member of the Royal Court of England.

"With all my heart, with all my soul, with every ounce of my being. My King, my Sovereign, my dreaded Lord: I beg you to forgive your miserable servant; your humble, worthless, thoughtless servant, who deserves so little but by your bounty and grace has been given so much."
- Charles Brandon, The Tudors

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Charles' prompts and/or roleplay will likely begin early Season One of The Tudors and eventually span all four seasons. It will depend on the scenario or the RP as to how something is played out considering Charles is an historical character with absolutely no knowledge of the modern world.

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